The concept of EHR is ‘Lifestyle Hotels & Resort’. With this concept, we want to introduce our guests not only to the quality of life but also style of living. By quality of life, we want the guests to achieve the balance in terms of finance, activities, health, comfort and leisure. By style of living, we want all the guests who stay in our hotels and resorts to feel comfortable with the atmosphere, ambience and also can have a fun times with the activities that we planned for them.

The logo is letter “e”, which is the first letter of the word ERGON. The letter “e” represents our will to strive for excellence in our service. The logo is not just symbolized the meaning of ERGON, but also the energy and movement toward excellence hotels and resorts.


ERGON Hotels & Resorts is our hospitality brand. The ERGON means "virtue" in English and used for the first time by Aristotle (The Great Philosopher in 400 BC). ERGON Hotels & resorts has three different products as follow :


ERGON Black is the first and highest product of ERGON Hotels & Resorts.

This logo guarantees all the lifestyle concept and its standards are applied.



ERGON Blue is the symbol of the smartest way to experience the lifestyle hotel.

So efficient, so effective but relaxing.


ERGON Grey or ERGON Collections is a reflection of the simplicity

and uniqueness of a hotel or a resort no matter the size and the price

is. ERGON Collections will bring you out of the box. 

ERGON Hotels & Resorts
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